6 Baking Tools I Can’t Live Without

1. Rubber spatula IMG_6154_2I thought we would start with the most basic baking tool. I use my rubber spatula just about every single time I bake. Whether it’s to smooth the top of a cake or to scrape down the sides of a mixing bowl, it’s the best thing ever. You should find a spatula that is super flexible and not one of the stiff ones that has no purpose in life.

2. Hand Mixer IMG_8830_2I have a stand mixer as well that I absolutely love, but they are quite expensive so I thought I would stick with the hand mixer for the purposes of this list. I use my hand mixer for a TON of baking. I also use it pretty much anytime my husband is not home to take out the stand mixer for me because that thing weighs 8 million pounds (just an estimate). I also love to choose my baking tools based on ease of cleanup, and the hand mixer is definitely easy to clean. P.S. I couldn’t find a picture with the actual mixer in it, but I found lots of photos like the one above where I had clearly used the mixer so that will have to do.

3. Push up measuring cup IMG_8057_2This little gem of a baking gadget is perfect for any sort of substance that isn’t quite liquid enough for a liquid measuring cup, but it’s not a solid either. I use it for molasses, peanut butter, shortening, corn syrup and really anything else you can think of that is a similar sort of texture. It’s extremely accurate, and there is something really satisfying about pushing the bottom up when you are emptying it into a bowl.

4. Cooling rack DSC_4756_2I own about 6 cooling racks so that should tell you something about how much unnecessary stuff I have in my kitchen, but it should also tell you that I bake A LOT. The quicker it cools, the sooner I can add icing and the sooner I can eat it.

5. Oven thermometer DSC_6122_2My oven is just consistently 50 degrees cooler than it says so it’s pretty much a big fat liar. My mom bought me a little thermometer that you hang on the rack of your oven, and it tells you the real temperature. It has saved me from a lot of heartache when it comes to baking. I have, of course, broken about 3 of these things in a span of 2 years, so take better care of it than I do and don’t put it in the water.

6. Parchment paper IMG_5701_2I was going to do an even 5 things, but then I thought of parchment paper and couldn’t leave it off the list. Throw some parchment paper on your cookie sheet, and nothing will stick to it ever. The only downside is that the container for parchment paper is too long to fit in any of my kitchen drawers so I go into a fit of rage every time I try to put it away.

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